Recovery Literature and Links

Recovery Literature

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right action. New York: Hazelden.

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Hazelden (1987). The little red book.  New York: Hazelden

Recovery Links

AA Tri-County Intergroup. Meeting Schedule & Events.

Al-anon/Alateen Service Office, Raleigh. Meeting Schedule & Events.

Capital Area Narcotics Anonymous. Meeting Schedule & Events.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Thought of the day.

National Alliance on Mental Health. (2009). Depression in older persons.

National Institute of Health. (2015). Relapse prevention and the five rules of recovery

National Institute of Health. (2006). Rates and predictors of relapse after natural and treated remission and alcohol use disorders.

Psychology Today (2021). The Big Five Personality Test

Report Nursing Home Abuse

The Enneagram Institute (2021). Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI)